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About Us

Sunbay Supplies LLC, is a Nevada registered company. This company functions as a onestop shop licensed importing & exporting, contract designing, sourcing, customization, and domestic warehousing & distribution entity for our clients. We have been serving and providing to the hospitality industry over twenty countries worldwide for the last twenty (20) years with our extensive product lines and services. 

Custom Design & Production

Our internal design team has the ability to work with client-appointed designers to finalize workshop drawings of any product. We’re also able to provide clients with our innovative designs for new property openings and remodeling projects. We provide these services within the required schedules and master designing requirements. The new designs have all been fabricated either in factories of our ownership or by our quality controlled contracted facilities. Those products are always unique and exclusive in their respective markets.


Contract Sourcing

Sunbay exclusively contracts one textile factory along with two strategically placed sourcing offices. Our resources include over 1,000 contracted manufacturers with excellent quality throughout China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Mexico, who all work closely with our quality control staff. We have successfully achieved all our contracts based on years of our sourcing efforts combined with our rich knowledge and experiences of manufacturing qualification. As a direct manufacturer and a factory representative, we save our clients all middle company costs. Our methods and standards allow us to achieve the most direct, efficient and effective production control while providing our clients with top quality products.


Licensed Exporter/Importer

Our exclusive sourcing company is certified with a coveted Chinese Exporting License. This permit allows us to handle and process all cargo import/export independently. This advantage also gives us direct access to timely control of the shipping lines schedules. It also provides us with full access to the entire process ranging from commercial inspection, to customs
clearance in China, to scheduled deliveries to our clients.


Warehousing & Distribution

In China, we have over 100,000 sq ft of a manufacturing-warehouse combined facility. In Las Vegas, our warehouse space is up to 15,000 sq ft for the purposes of immediate shipments in North America. We have contracted several key international and domestic shipping and trucking companies for distribution. The daily shipments are committed to our National and International clients. This allows us to provide our clients with the most economic and reliable services. We hold in stock as requested, deliver per PO release and bill per delivery. Our clients will get what they need only and pay after goods delivered.


A Certified Minority Owned Company & Neighborhood Business

We are proud of our nationwide certified MBE feature. All of our USA clients are happy to have us in compliance with the Federal and State policies in support of minority owned businesses. For our clients located in Asia, we are also in the “neighborhood”.

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